World's first smart bike lock launches

World's first smart bike lock launches

17 September 2019


  • Smart bike lock uses encrypted Bluetooth connection 
  • Includes motion activated 100 decibel alarm

HALFORDS today announces the launch of the Abus 770A SmartX™, the world’s first smart bike lock. Security-conscious cyclists can now benefit from keyless unlocking, turning their smartphone into an individualised key, technology which has previously been the preserve of Tesla car owners.

The device automatically locks itself once the user is more than five metres away, and unlocks once the cyclist comes back within range.

Once locked the Abus 770A SmartX™, uses 3d positioning to detect if it’s being interfered with. Any small movement or vibration sets off a warning alarm, followed by the activation of a 100 decibel alarm for 15 seconds if there is further movement.

Julia Williams, Halfords’ bike security expert says: “ The Abus 770A SmartX™ is one of the biggest innovations to cycle security in years. Not only does it boast a keyless lock and a Sold Secure Gold rating, but if someone decides to tamper with it then a 100 decibel alarm will trigger, scaring them off and alerting others around. Because of its high level of security, this lock is perfect for anyone locking their bike up in public spaces. It’s especially ideal for those who own an E-bike too.”

Product features and benefits include:

  • Detecting where your bike was last parked
  • Sold Secure Gold rating- ideal for high value bikes, or bikes left in highly populated areas such as train stations or universities
  • Up to three months charge via mains, USB or a powerbank

Halfords will be one of the first retailers to stock the lock and it is available online at from Tuesday 17th September. The Abus 770A SmartX™, comes in two sizes and retails from £219.99 for the 770a 23cm and £239.99 for the 770a 30cm