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Product, Packaging and Waste Management

Minimise our environmental impact and increase our transparency whilst continuing to pursue sustainability opportunities within our product portfolio.

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Our Focus

  • To develop a packaging material strategy that improves environmental impact through increased recyclability, reduction of virgin plastic and responsibly certified card.
  • Reduce packaging tax through plastic reduction.
  • Continue to seek innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle core
    waste streams.
  • Ensure that by 2025 all our packaging will be reusable or recyclable.

Priorities for the Next 12 Months:

  • Analyse packaging data responses from suppliers to support changes in legal reporting obligations coming into force January 2023.
  • Continue our virgin plastic reduction programme with emphasis on product categories, including proprietary brands and the cycling categories.
  • Develop environmental Life Cycle Assessment for key product categories.
  • Continue to assess circular processes for core waste streams.