Chief Executive's Commitment to Data Privacy

Chief Executive's Commitment to Data Privacy

Both in response to increasing national concerns about the use of people’s personal data - and as a clear ethical choice - we at Halfords are absolutely committed to protecting all information about our customers and colleagues with optimum effectiveness.

In making this commitment, I commend both the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the updated 2018 Data Protection Acts for the UK and the Republic of Ireland, which together seek to enforce more rigorous data privacy.

In order to meet the challenges which this new legislation brings, we need the support and contribution of everyone at Halfords. This ranges from the Board, which has ultimate responsibility for ensuring compliance with the new standards, through to our colleagues in stores and Autocentres who deal with customer data on a daily basis.

We have already undertaken significant work to improve our policies and practices in data management, and continue to develop and refine our transformational programme. At the heart of our endeavours are the following key principles, which all colleagues must observe whenever handling people’s data:


We will be completely open and honest about the systems that we use to collect and process people’s data, and will offer customers and colleagues, control over how these systems will manage their information;


We will not sell data about a customer or colleague to a third party. Furthermore, we will never share someone’s data with another organisation unless that person has been informed and, where appropriate, given their consent;


We will not send marketing communications to our customers, whether by email, phone, text or social media, unless they have specifically told us that they are happy for us to do so, or there is an unequivocal, tangible and legitimate benefit to them. Additionally, we will give customers the choice and ability to change their marketing preferences at any time, and respond swiftly to any such request;


We will continue to implement the latest technological controls in order to ensure that the information which we hold within, or transfer between, any of our electronic systems or networks, is managed securely; and


We will recognise and embrace the rights and freedoms to which all our customers and colleagues are rightly entitled.

By following these principles, we aim to provide assurance and confidence that Halfords is a trusted custodian of people’s personal data.

Graham Stapleton, Chief Executive
February 2019