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The leading name in electric services giving everybody the confidence to switch and continually enjoy the benefits of electric mobility.

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Our Focus

  • Lead the market in Electric Servicing as the UK shifts towards more sustainable mobility options, specifically Electric Vehicles (“EVs”), E-Bikes and E-Scooters.
  • Investing in education and community engagement programmes to help and support consumers to make climate-smart choices.
  • Providing industry-leading training to our colleagues to better support customers as they make the switch to electric.
  • Broadening our ranges of electric services and solutions e.g. E-bikes/E-scooters making the transition to electric travel easier.
  • Lobbying campaigns designed to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

Priorities for the Next 12 Months:

  • Focus on consistently delivering electric services and solutions to customers across the Group.
  • Further develop the range of electric services and solutions we offer
    our customers.
  • Enhance our customer communications to enable us to better support customers as they make the switch to electric mobility.
  • Continue lobbying campaigns for the legalisation of private E-scooters in
    public areas.
  • Invest in equipment and training to support growing demand for EV servicing.