How a £20 service can deter car theft

How a £20 service can deter car theft

23 October 2019

-Halfords launches window etching service-

Ahead of the clocks going back motoring retailer Halfords is launching a unique vehicle security system to prevent and deter car theft during the darker nights.  For £20, drivers are being given the opportunity to have their car marked and linked to the International Security Register (ISR). Security Window Etching is a visible deterrent that makes your car 45% less likely to be stolen and 50% more likely to be recovered versus a non-etched vehicle according to provider Retainagroup who receive a file of stolen data every day of the week.  The system also deters and detects vehicle cloning:

The launch comes as a poll of 2,000 motorists by Halfords reveals 18% of motorists have never used any security measures on their car, while 31% have been the victim of a car crime.

More than 14.5 million vehicles are currently listed on the ISR, which is a confidential database operated by vehicle security experts, Retainagroup. The database holds details of registered vehicles together with owner contact details. A 24-hour helpline and verification service is available to the public and the police enabling them to check immediately information provided by the owner via a simple registration process.  ISR operators never divulge information to enquirers, they confirm or deny details they are given.

A unique code and the 24 hour telephone number of the ISR helpline is etched onto the six windows of each car.  The etching process takes up to 15 minutes and is placed at the bottom of the glass so as not to obstruct the view. 

Pavan Sondhi, Halfords’ car security expert says: “It’s another step in the battle against car crime. It’s an extremely effective – and visual – way of deterring thieves and is making an impact in the age of keyless theft. Car theft is usually an opportunistic crime and thieves are looking to take advantage of any obvious weakness in your car’s security, so anything you can do, like combining the etching with a physical deterrent like a steering lock or wheel clamp will make would-be thieves think twice.”