Hello 'Silver Cyclist'

Hello 'Silver Cyclist'

01 October 2018

Halfords identifies emerging group of cyclists inspired to get out on two wheels and follow the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Corbyn

So called ‘Silver Cyclists’ – cyclists over the age of 55 – are buying more bikes than ever before, according to Halfords, the UK’s leading cyclist retailer, which has identified a new tribe of cyclists getting on their bikes. And it seems they have the right idea, as a recent study by University of Birmingham has found that cycling can hold back the effects of ageing and rejuvenate the immune system.

The Silver Cyclist trend is led by 55+ year old women and men who cycle for pleasure and for the purposes of staying fit and healthy, having been inspired to get on their bikes by the likes of TV personalities Lorraine Kelly and Fern Britton, fashion dame Vivienne Westwood, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and active actress Goldie Hawn.

According to Halfords’ own customer insights, the surge of the silver cyclists isn’t purely driven by fitness or enjoyment, the retailer has found that electric bikes have played a key role in fuelling the boom.  E-bikes are now Halfords’ fastest growing category and also the bike of choice for customers aged 55+. With 62% of e-bikes typically sold to empty nesters, this group of cyclists are focused on new pursuits and are more likely to buy e-bikes in pairs.

James Arnold at Halfords says: “The likes of Lorraine Kelly, Jeremy Corbyn and Fern Britton show that the cycling bug isn’t confined to any one age group. Old and young there’s always an opportunity to rediscover the fun in taking to two wheels.”

The findings also revealed that the 55+ age group was among the savviest when it comes to bike repair.  Over half of 55+ year olds know how to repair a puncture, 45% are able to fix mudguards and 35% even know how to clean gears.

In addition, 36% of 55+ year olds surveyed said that more dedicated cycling lanes on every road would encourage them to cycle more, while 17% called for more places to lock and park their bikes.

James Arnold continues: “While older cyclists are well catered for in countries like Holland, the needs of older and less able cyclists in the UK need to be addressed. Further investments in infrastructure and promotion of safe riding practices will help.”

But a lack of segregated lanes isn’t enough to put off this group of cyclists, in part thanks to the rise of electric bikes in the UK as a route into cycling for those who may want to enjoy the freedom of two wheels but may not ordinarily be so able to so.  A whopping 61% of 55+ year olds questioned said that electric bikes are a good way for less able cyclists to get fit, 40% thought that e-bikes were a good way for people with chronic illnesses to stay active and 44% believed that a subsidy scheme on purchases of new e-bikes would encourage more people to cycle.

Having experienced unprecedented growth in e-bikes, Halfords predicts that the UK is on the cusp of an e-bike boom. As a result, the UK’s largest cycling retailer has launched an extended range for all abilities to meet rising consumer demand.

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79% of eBike sales are also made by new customers, not previously seen shopping our cycling range.

Age/fitness and their use in leisure activities seem to be the main drivers of e-bike sales.