Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

08 December 2017

Are you ready for the Winter Solstice on Friday December 22nd? The darkest and longest night of the year may catch you unawares if you’re not prepared for hitting the road.

Halfords, the UK’s leading motoring retailer, is recommending that road users check they’re visible as they set off for their commute home in the dark, checking and replacing car bulbs – or investing in better and brighter bulbs.

Research by Halfords has found that 17% of motorists were uncertain whether all the lights on their car were working, while 41% were worried about being seen by other drivers or had already experienced difficulty reading road signs while driving in the dark. The survey also found that 89% of motorists would continue to drive with a blown bulb for up to two weeks before having it replaced.

Ella Colley, Halfords’ car bulbs expert says: “At this time of year, poor visibility is common on the roads so, it’s even more crucial that drivers are extra vigilant and do their best to see and be seen. Poor lighting and defective car bulbs can make judging gaps and overtaking a real hazard, and also makes you a lot less visible to other road users. Broken brake lights also gives drivers behind less time to react.”

Halfords has launched a new headlight bulb which provides 150% more light than a standard bulb on the road, giving motorists excellent visibility in the hours of darkness. The improved performance is achieved through Xenon gas and micro filament technology and helps drivers see further, react faster and drive more safely. In addition, the beam reach on this bulb is a huge 190 metres – that’s 80 metres more than a standard bulb. Halfords is also currently offering two-for-one on selected headlight bulbs until March.

For drivers seeking extra piece of mind, Halfords is offering free six-point winter checks – comprising of head/tail light bulbs, car batteries, wiper blades, oil levels, checks for windscreen chips and a free screenwash top-up throughout the season at over 468 sites across the UK. There's no need to book, just turn up. To find your nearest store visit

Top tips for being safe on the roads 

It is always best to plan ahead and be prepared, so Halfords recommends motorists undertake the following checks as a precaution.

  • Check all lights at least once a fortnight
  • Don’t forget fog lights, full-beam headlights and indicators
  • Carry a spare bulb set in your glovebox
  • Keep your lights clean for clear vision and visibility
  • Check rear lights by asking someone to help you
  • You can have your bulbs fitted while you wait, at your local Halfords


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