The Great Eggscape

The Great Eggscape

24 March 2016

How to Avoid A Motorway Meltdown This Easter

Your ticket to a smoother and happier driving experience this Easter

  • Delays cited as the number one reason for stressful journeys  
  • 37% prefer to travel with company to make journey more enjoyable 
  • 21% of Brits would not get in a car without a tablet

Good Friday is expected to be the busiest travel day as Brits seek to get away for Easter, choosing to travel by car amid anticipated widespread rail disruption. Many will be thinking about planning their trips and bracing themselves for a wet and busy weekend on the roads.

Martin Barber, Motoring Expert at Halfords Autocentres said; “When it comes to basic checks and general preparedness, our research has shown that nearly a quarter of Brits get their cars checked every 4 months or less and approximately 1 in 5 do not understand any of the icons on their dashboard.

Although these types of checks are relatively simple, it is really important that these are carried out regularly as it helps avoid hassle on road trips, especially when we’re expecting rain and delays.

Given the huge numbers on the roads it’s not surprising that drivers will come under a certain amount of stress. According to our research on car journeys, road works and traffic jams are the most stressful part of car journeys (57%). Delays (37%) come in second, and finding the way (36%), a close third”.

However, there are a number of steps drivers can take to help avoid stressful situations and here’s how to make your Easter car journey a smoother and happier experience this Easter:

  • Set off at an unusual hour: Delays are cited as the number one reason for stressful journeys (63%). Think carefully about the time you are travelling – leave earlier or later than planned to avoid the masses and listen to traffic reports before you head out 
  • Plan your route: According to Halfords Autocentres’ research, over half of car owners use a Sat Nav in the car, so make sure you are making best use of your device. 58% of us say less congestion and 37% faster journey times would make journeys less stressful. Most Sat Navs can search for the fastest journey times and help you follow a route that avoids traffic  
  • Travel with peace of mind: Less than 1 in 5 of us currently use a dash cam, but for those who do, the majority feel safer when they drive knowing they have one. If a traffic accident occurs, dash cams can help you prove who's responsible and you can travel with full peace of mind knowing that you’re covered when it comes to any unexpected moments 
  • Don’t be a stranger: 37% of us say that travelling with a companion would make car journeys more enjoyable.  Rather than sitting in silence, make the journey to your destination valuable time to catch up with family and friends - it’s the ideal time to chat, play games and relax together 
  • Take the scenic route: 32% of us say car journeys are more memorable with scenic views. Take the time to plan your route so that you are passing through more picturesque places. Perhaps use the journey to stop off at and explore interesting locations you’ve never visited before 
  • Keep entertained: 21% of us say they would not embark on a car trip without a tablet.  Make sure you have your favourite gadgets with you to keep you entertained – with hours of films and games downloaded, these are also ideal for keeping the kids happy 
  • Don’t forget the upholstery cleaner: Easter wouldn’t feel complete without chocolate being thrown into the mix. However, most of us would probably prefer to avoid it becoming a part of the upholstery, so make sure you carry some fabric cleaner. Not forgetting the wet wipes needed for those sticky little fingers responsible for said chocolate implosion.

This Easter, customers can get 10% off any subsequent repairs between 24th March-7th April when they book a free repair check online at


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