Steering lock sales soar

Steering lock sales soar

29 August 2017

As police warn drivers to take extra security measures to protect their vehicles due to an increase in thefts, Halfords has seen a huge rise in sales of mechanical security - with sales of steering wheel locks up 56% since the start of July.

As a result of growing consumer awareness that high-tech car thieves can now intercept signals in seconds and bypass keyless ignition systems car owners are now turning to Halfords’ line of sturdy steering wheel locks and wheel clamps which provide the last line of defence against vehicle theft.

David Hammond, car security expert at Halfords said: ‘Organised gangs have mastered how to get around high-tech security devices, leading to a significant rise in car thefts across the UK. To guard against falling victim to these car thieves, Police are advising drivers to invest in a physical deterrent.

“Classic steel steering locks first became popular in the 1980s and ’90s but remain an extremely effective – and visual – way of deterring thieves, and we’ve recently seen a huge increase in sales as car owners turn to old school solutions.”

Halfords stocks a number of steering locks, available online and in-store, with its exclusive Stoplock Pulsar model proving extremely popular in recent months. For just £39.99, it locks the steering wheel, and its flashing light is an obvious visual deterrant for any would-be thieves. Halfords has recently started selling the Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Immobiliser for £69.99, which comes with a lifetime guarantee and fits 99% of vehicles.


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