Put the brakes on motoring costs

Put the brakes on motoring costs

13 May 2016

Halfords Autocentres offers motorists free “brakes for life”

HALFORDS Autocentres is putting the brakes on the cost of motoring.

The Brakes4Life lifetime guarantee gives motorists free replacement brake pads or shoes for as long as they drive – even when they replace their car. The campaign reduces the cost of vehicle maintenance while encouraging owners to make sure their brakes are in full working order.

New research by Halfords Autocentres reveals that 40 per cent of all drivers don’t feel confident about performing basic car checks.*

Martin Barber, Halfords Autocentres brakes expert says: “With fuel prices and insurance costs driving up the cost of motoring, Brakes4Life offers motorists unprecedented value for money and peace of mind. A one-off payment guards against future unexpected brake related costs.”

“We’ve also launched Brembo brakes in Halfords Autocentres nationwide. They are the preserve of  the world’s top car manufacturers including Ferrari. Customers who qualify for Brakes4Life will be able to opt for Brembo brake pads or shoes for a small additional fee of just £20 when they need replacing.”  

Alfredo Albarella, Sales Manager at Brembo, says “We’re pleased that Halfords Autocentres are the first UK garage chain to offer our quality brakes to customers nationwide – and it’s great that customers can opt for Brembo whilst still qualifying for Halfords Brakes4Life.”  

Every motorist who buys brake pads or shoes from Halfords Autocentres receives the guarantee – a market leading promise that applies to any new car the customer goes on to own and can save the average car owner £1,600 in their lifetime. 

Halfords Autocentres are also offering free brake checks – comprising an inspection on all components in your car’s brake system including brake pads, shoes, callipers, hoses and handbrake linkages by ATA trained technicians – at over 300 Autocentres across the UK.

Brake pads and shoes are amongst the most frequently replaced components on a car and Halfords Autocentres data shows that one in eight of cars it helps to maintain each year needs them replaced. 

Martin Barber continues: “This can leave motorists facing additional unexpected costs when they take their car in for a service or MOT. However, Brakes4Life removes that risk and we find that when we explain that it really does cover them and their current as well as future car they own it results in some surprised and very satisfied customers.”

For further information please contact the Halfords PR team at Halfords@z-pr.com or 020 7896 3404 

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