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-71 per cent of parents are still confused about cushion booster seats 17 months on-

Halfords offers 20 per cent discount on all high back booster seats

The latest research from motoring retailer Halfords suggests that parents are still getting to grips with the current laws around cushion booster seats which have stopped manufacturers creating new models for children shorter than 125cm tall or weighing less than 22kg.

The poll of 1,600 reveals that 71 per cent of parents are still perplexed by the rules, which means manufacturers can no longer produce cushion booster seats for children below a certain weight and height. The findings also show that a surprising 40 per cent of mums and dads are still unaware of what those changes were.

Under the regulations manufacturers are no longer allowed to introduce or market new models of cushion booster seats for children shorter than 125cm or weighing less than 22kg. Parents who already own and use cushion booster seats before this date, are still permitted to use them for younger children.

Emily Moulder, Halfords’ car seat expert says: “High back booster seats offer better protection and safety in the event of a side impact accident. We would always recommend a child uses a high back booster right up until they are 12 years old or 135cm, whichever comes first.

“The car seat regulations introduced in 2017 are still causing confusion amongst parents, so we’re encouraging them to go with high back booster seats which are safer and better for protection. If confused by the law parents should look at our car seat selector that offers advice on car seats best suited for weight and age.”

Understandably parents are still confused with 47 per cent of them finding choosing a car seat to be stressful and 23 per cent don’t know where to turn to get any suitable information. As a result of the confusion and lack of clarity Halfords has created a car seat selector to guide parents. It helps baffled and stressed mums and dads identify which car seat is appropriate for their child.

From today Halfords is also offering parents the chance to purchase a high back booster seat with 20 per cent off at any one of its 468 shops or online at

Halfords selection of discounted high back booster seats includes:


Car seat



Joie Trillo Eco

Was £25, now £20

Halfords Group 23

Was £30, now £24

Graco Logico L

Was £50, now £40

Joie Trillo LX Inkwell

Was £80, now £64

Halfords 23 Fix Point

Was £100, now £80

Britax Kidifix SL

Was £81.45, now £65.16

Halfords Essential 23

Was £25, now £20



Research collected from Halfords Parent Panel survey carried out in March 2018 from a sample size of over 1,600 adults.