New device to help curb car theft

New device to help curb car theft

11 October 2017

According to the latest police figures, the number of cars being stolen has soared by 30 per cent in the last three years, as criminals work out ways to override sophisticated security measures, namely by using gadgets that stops cars locking through bypassing keyless ignition systems.

As car hacking becomes an increasing risk for UK drivers, Halfords is launching a new device to help clamp down on car theft and key hacking car crime.

The device, an anti-theft key fob wallet, is designed to prevent your key fob from being hacked and replicated; once a fob or key is inserted into the pouch-like device, the 2-ply copper interior acts as a shield, preventing radio frequencies from entering or leaving the wallet. The anti-theft wallet can also be used for storing bank cards and is able to stop unwanted contactless payments.

Florence Isitt, car security expert at Halfords said: “Car thieves are becoming increasingly savvy. They have mastered how to get around high-tech security devices, which is fuelling a significant rise in car thefts across the UK. That’s why we’ve launched the anti-theft key fob wallet, to help our customers stay secure. For just £10, this handy device can block would-be thieves and offer our customers peace of mind.”

More broadly, Halfords has been helping to drive better consumer awareness of high-tech car theft by championing ‘old school solutions to new school problems’, and has also recently seen a significant spike in sales of mechanical security, with sales of steering wheel locks up 56% since the start of July.

Halfords’ line of sturdy steering wheel locks and wheel clamps provide the last line of defence against vehicle theft; a number of steering locks are available online and in-store.

The Halfords Anti-Theft Key Fob wallet is suitable for all car key models and is now available online and in store, for just £10.


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