Halfords Reveals UK Motoring Habits

Halfords Reveals UK Motoring Habits

25 August 2016

  • Baby boomers from West Sussex buy the most car seats
  • Sweetest-smelling cars are found in Hampshire
  • Kent drivers own the cleanest cars

Research and sales figures from Halfords shows that where a car-owner lives can reveal how they make their journey, as the retailer unveils a snapshot into each region’s motoring habits ahead of the estimated 34% of motorists making a road trip this Bank Holiday weekend.

The best-smelling cars can be found in Hampshire, where shoppers snap up the most car air fresheners with one sold every 15 minutes, while motorists from Kent commute in the cleanest cars, with more cleaning kits sold there than anywhere else in the UK. 

West Sussex seems to be the baby-boomer capital of the UK with more car seats sold there than anywhere else in the UK in the last 12 months. 

Drivers in Birmingham know their way underneath the car bonnet, as they’ve snapped up the most socket and tool sets from the retailer in the last year.

63% of motorists in the East Midlands own a Sat Nav device, while 43% of Geordies own a Bluetooth hands-free kit.

Those in North London tended to favour two wheels over four with those in the Capital buying the most motorcycle and scooter accessories.  

Car-owners in the South West are most MOT savvy in the country, purchasing the most bulbs and batteries ahead of any annual checks.

Halfords motoring expert Luke Berry says: “We sell thousands of motoring products and this report provides a helpful guide to the UK’s hottest sellers so far. We’ve seen growing popularity in everything like socket sets and bulbs and batteries. Travelling in a clean car is a priority in Kent where we expect there will be a few families cleaning cars on the very sunny bank holiday.”


The information comes from Halfords sales figures and YouGov research carried out by YOUGOV in March 2016 from a sample size of over 4,000 adults.

For more information visit www.halfords.com or www.halfordscompany.com