Halfords commit to improving the nations fuel efficiency

Halfords commit to improving the nations fuel efficiency

18 August 2022

  • New ‘Fuel Efficiency Pack’ from Halfords Autocentres helps the nation’s fuel go further during the cost of living crisis
  • The pack has been tested and certified by Guinness World Record hypermiler, Kevin Booker, who confirmed it helps customers get more mileage out of their fuel
  • Kevin shares exclusive expert hypermiling tips to improve efficiency for Halfords customers 


With the overall cost of motoring rising by 18.5% in the 12 months to June 22*, Halfords has launched a new Fuel Efficiency Pack to help the nation get more mileage out of their fuel. 

Created as an optional add-on to selected Halfords Autocentre services. Halfords technicians use a non-invasive procedure to clean and remove harmful carbon deposits out of the car’s engine and fuel system. The new pack has been independently certified by the Guinness World record holder for hypermiling**, Kevin Booker, to confirm it not only improves engine performance, but improves fuel efficiency too, ultimately ensuring that fuel lasts longer. 

Customers can select the £30 ‘Fuel Efficiency Pack’, discounted from £40 product value, when booking relevant services at Halfords’ Autocentres - including a Full Service + MOT and oil and filter changes***. With over 30,000 customers visiting Halfords each month for a service, this new pack promises to help customer’s fuel go further, and is suitable for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Expert ‘hypermiler’, Kevin Booker, visited the Halfords Autocentre in Sidcup in August 2022 to vigorously test the new Pack and noted a marked improvement in fuel consumption and overall smoothness of the vehicle’s driving ability following the treatment, ultimately helping to economise on fuel consumption during future journey and easing concerns with the price at the pumps.

He commented: “Having driven for quite a few hundred miles post-treatment, I can confirm it really does make a difference! I managed to get an extra 7.9mpg on the same 218 mile journey, seeing both an improvement in the smoothness of the drive, as well a clear improvement in the distance I was able to travel - and it is better for the environment by reducing emissions. I’m really proud to be working with Halfords to help teach their customers how to drive more efficiently. Plus, paired with a change in driving behaviours, motorists can get their fuel to go the extra mile during these difficult times.”

Alongside testing the new Fuel Efficiency Pack, Kevin Booker shared FIVE top tips of behaviour changes that drivers should consider to help their fuel go further. These tips will be available to all Halfords customers on Halfords.com as the retailer looks to help as many customers as they can during these challenging times, both in saving fuel and economising on their costs.


Key tips Kevin will be providing customers, include:

  1. Reading the road ahead is one of the best things that you can do when on the road, to ensure you never come to a harsh stop, as this is one of the main things that will impact fuel consumption. By this, I mean, being observant and thinking about your next action i.e. if you are coming up to a traffic light and it is green, by the time you get there, it’ll likely change to red, so it’s better to start slowing down early, rather than braking at the last minute.
  2. Excess weight within a vehicle will impact rolling resistance and mean more fuel is required to drive the car, so make sure to take out anything you aren’t using!
  3. Tyre pressure should be checked regularly, as an underinflated tyre will increase fuel consumption. If you don’t feel comfortable checking this yourself, you can pop down to your local Halfords Autocentre and they will undertake a Tyre Check for free - which includes a tyre pressure check, an inspection of the tyre tread depth and ensuring that tyres are safe and legal.
  4. Dropping five miles per hour on the motorway can significantly improve your fuel efficiency, without drastically impacting your arrival time.
  5. Good maintenance of your vehicle will mean it runs more smoothly. Ensure you stick to the recommended service schedule and if something doesn’t feel right, then get it checked.

Chris Lunn, Head of Category at Halfords Autocentres has said: “We understand the nation is looking to stretch their money further and with our Fuel Efficiency add-on pack, which can be chosen across Halfords range of services, ensures cars are more fuel efficient helping to reduce emissions and ultimately put some savings back into the pockets of commuters and families.”

Customers can book online at Halfords.com or visit their local Autocentre at a time that suits them.



Notes to editors:

* RPI:Percentage change over 12 months - Motoring expenditure

* Hypermiling is a driving technique that maximises fuel efficiency.

* Applicable services include full service, major service or interim service, oil + filter change, or an MOT with service.

For further information please contact Halfords@goodrelations.co.uk or 0207 932 3693.


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