Flat Battery Monday

Flat Battery Monday

30 December 2015

Over 60% haven’t had their car battery checked since last winter. Halfords offers free battery checks as part of winter checks service. Retailer launches battery with lifetime guarantee to battle winter elements.

The big back-to-work day on the 4th January has been dubbed “Flat Battery Monday” by Halfords as a result of many cars standing unused over the festive period.

After lying idle after the Christmas break many cars will refuse to start, leaving millions of motorists facing the car battery blues. In fact motoring organisations are expecting a record number of emergency call outs on what will be the first day back to work for many. The long Christmas layoff, combined with damp, frost and rain may spell misery for many. 

Recent research by Halfords shows that over 60% of motorists haven’t had their battery checked since last winter despite the recommendation of regular 2-3 monthly checks. The survey also reveals that over 30% don’t know when to change their battery.

As a result Halfords will launch free battery checks as part of its winter checks service at all of its shops at over 700 sites across the UK (440 Halfords shops and 303 Halfords Autocentres).

For drivers seeking extra piece of mind Halfords has launched a battery with a lifetime guarantee. The Yuasa Black Lifetime Guarantee range is designed to last for c. 130,000 starts or the equivalent of an average car’s lifetime of 15 years, three times longer than most car batteries on the market. Built using enhanced plate additives and patented Nano Crystal technology it means motorists get increased battery durability and improved charge acceptance, meaning no false starts on the 4th January.

Jodie Kidd, Halfords motoring ambassador says: “There’s nothing worse than going to drive your car after a few days rest and realising that the battery is flat – families can get peace of mind with Halfords’ free battery checks ahead of the new school year and return to work.”

Paul Tomlinson, Halfords’ winter checks expert says:  “It’s not just commuters who will feel sluggish after the festive period, but their cars too. Using your car's heater, air conditioning or lights, places greater demand on your battery. This combined with leaving your car standing idle in sub-zero temperatures could result in a less than positive start to 2015 - so it’s worth giving your car a quick health check this weekend.”

It is always best to plan ahead and be prepared, so Halfords recommends motorists undertake the following checks as a precaution:

Battery – if your battery takes more attempts than usual to start the car, appears sluggish or the warning light on your dashboard is illuminated, it could be a sign of imminent failure. Use a 12V car battery charger to replenish lost charge and see if this rectifies the problem or call into Halfords for a free battery check. If the battery needs replacing, first check the receipt to see if it is still under guarantee and ,if so, return it to where it was purchased for replacement. If buying a replacement consider the length of guarantee (usually between 3-5 years). There is usually a correlation between guarantee and cost. To help prolong the life of an older battery or prevent a newly purchased one from expiring prematurely, consider purchasing a battery charger with a maintenance function.  

Bulbs – when was the last time you checked your car's lights were in working order? Ask a friend or family member to observe whilst you run through them all in sequence from the driver's seat - not forgetting to check brake lights illuminate correctly and fog lights are functioning. A defective head, side or tail light bulb significantly increases the risk of an accident but in the hectic period before Christmas it is easy to miss a faulty bulb. Use the weekend to source the correct bulb and fit it. For 2016 its worth resolving to regularly check your lights. Also consider upgrading your bulbs - for example, did you know you can fit faster illuminating bulbs for braking that increase the time a following car has to react to changes in your speed?

Oil – check engine oil levels and top-up as required. If your car has stood for some time, there may be oil beneath it – a clear sign of a leak.

Fuel – avoid queues at pumps on Monday morning and plan for delays caused by the resumption of the school run and back to work traffic by making sure your fuel is topped up.

Halfords is offering free nationwide winter checks in stores and Autocentres this season, which include battery checks, checks on the head and tail light bulbs, wiper blades and oil levels as well as a free screen wash top up. The checks are available at over 700 sites across the UK – to find your nearest shop visit www.Halfords.com  or www.halfordsautocentres.com for your nearest Autocentre.

For further information please contact Halfords@z-pr.com or 020 7896 3404