Drivers struggling to keep their cool as temperatures rise

Drivers struggling to keep their cool as temperatures rise

24 July 2019


Soaring temperatures might mean disappointment for millions of drivers who will be reaching for their air-conditioning in an effort to remain cool at the wheel according to Halfords Autocentres.

Although equipped with air conditioning or climate control, the majority of drivers forget or fail to realise that these systems require regular attention in order to keep performing at their best and not doing so could be making drivers ill.

With temperatures hitting highs of 37 degrees this week, Halfords Autocentres is warning drivers to get their car’s air conditioning checked.

Aaron Edwards from Halfords Autocentres, said: “Dirt and bacteria can build up in your car’s air con system and can cause a distinctive unpleasant odour. The air con system can also be a breeding ground for other microorganisms which can cause allergic reactions.

"It can be easily solved by taking your car in for an antibacterial air conditioning clean which is designed to remove bacteria that has built up over time. We also recommend changing your car’s pollen filter regularly to keep your car free from irritants.”

For drivers that are worried they may be breathing in dangerous bacteria, Halfords Autocentres offers a full anti-bacterial clean for just £20.

Aaron Edwards from Halfords Autocentres continues: “Most vehicle manufacturers recommend air conditioning systems are checked and re-charged every two years.”

 With experts predicting that the warm weather is likely to remain with us for several days and many miles of summer motoring ahead for staycationers and holiday-makers, Halfords is reminding drivers of its free air conditioning performance test - which identifies whether an air-conditioning system is running efficiently.

Halfords Autocentres offers a complete air conditioning service with an inspection and re-charge from £39.99 and an anti-bacterial clean for an additional £20. Halfords retail shops offer all motorists a free air con check.

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