Dash cams curb car crime

Dash cams curb car crime

05 October 2017

In a bid to make roads safer, this week, Welsh traffic police announce the extension of their successful Operation Snap pilot throughout Wales, which encourages drivers to submit dash cam footage to report cases of bad or dangerous driving.

As police across Wales will accept dash cam footage as evidence of motorists committing driving offences, motoring retailer Halfords reports that the devices are becoming increasingly popular among motorists who want to protect themselves against car crime and fraudsters.

With dash cam footage being sent to police in increasing numbers, demand for dash cams is soaring, as the retailer reports sales of the latest safety gadget are up 102% year-on-year, based on in-store and online sales.

The rise is being driven by growing awareness that dash cam footage can help to prevent fraudulent so-called ‘crash for cash’ claims – when fraudsters deliberately brake in order to cause an innocent motorist to collide with their car, or invent extra passengers who were supposedly injured in a crash. They can also act as a deterrent in car theft, and can prove claims against dangerous drivers, or defend against accusations of lane-hogging or tailgating on motorways, which are supported by fixed penalty legislation.

A recent YouGov survey by Halfords has shown that 32% feel safer when using a dash cam, while 27% feel more confident when driving with a dash cam.

Natasha Chauhan, Halfords’ dash cam expert says: “We believe that the launch of Operation Snap will offer drivers greater peace of mind and protection for drivers on the road. When used correctly, dash cams can help provide a clear record of an accident, helping the police to deal with driving offences quickly and efficiently.

“If every car on the road had a dash cam we’d undoubtedly see a reduction in cases of crash for cash fraud and improved road safety as drivers would know their every move was being recorded.”

Halfords offers and range of dash cams to suit all needs, and now offers a hardwire fitting service at all shops for £30, meaning power wires are hidden behind the car’s trim and the vehicle’s power socket is free to charge and power other devices.

* Research taken from Halfords’ YouGov survey of over 2,042, August 2017

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