Dash cam use helps three quarters of motorists involved in a dispute resolve insurance claims

Dash cam use helps three quarters of motorists involved in a dispute resolve insurance claims

28 August 2019


  • Some estimate they have saved £1,400 in repair bills
  • Almost a third claim to have submitted footage to the police 

TODAY new research, commissioned by Halfords, shows that drivers are turning to dash cams to save significant amounts of money on their insurance policies.

The retailer polled over 2,500 drivers and found that 35% of dash cam owners have been involved in a driving incident when their dash cam was in use.*

75% of those involved in an accident were able to resolve an insurance claim by submitting their dash cam footage to their provider as evidence. Those who were able to resolve a claim estimated the repairs would have cost on average £1398.74 if they didn’t have the footage to hand to resolve their dispute.

As well as submitting footage to their insurance providers, drivers are also using it as evidence to get dangerous drivers off the road, with 30% claiming they have submitted footage to the police.

The small dashboard mounted camera records the view through a car’s windscreen in real time and have become increasingly popular among motorists who want to protect themselves against incidents and accidents.

Heather Yates, Halfords in-car technology expert says: ‘Drivers are increasingly reaching for in-car technology to capture instances of careless driving, whilst also saving on their car insurance. Using a dash cam means insurers can adjust the cost of premiums or provide other incentives based on how motorists drive. When used correctly, dashboard cameras can provide a record of an accident, helping insurers to deal with claims quickly and efficiently.’

‘They’ve quickly gone from what was a niche gadget to a driving must-have. Our recent poll shows that almost a third of motorists now have one installed in their car. Having one will soon become as standard as wearing a seat belt.”

Halfords Autocentres is currently offering a free dash cam with every set of Bridgestone tyres purchased: https://www.halfordsautocentres.com/tyres/bridgestone

*The research was carried out by OnePulse on 21st August 2019 and had a sample size of over 2,500 adults.