Dash Cam Demand Booms In Wake Of Insurance Hike

Dash Cam Demand Booms In Wake Of Insurance Hike

26 April 2017

As insurance premiums soar, Halfords and Nextbase team up with Sure Thing! to offer discounted car insurance premiums

Demand for dash cams – cameras mounted on the dashboard of vehicles – is booming, thanks to costly insurance premiums and the popularity of sharing footage on sites such as YouTube. In fact a recent study by insurer Confused.com, car insurance premiums were found to have risen by £110 in the last year.

In a fresh blow to drivers, car insurance premiums could face another increase of up to £110 a year following a recent government ruling. 

The change will mean accident victims are likely to receive higher pay-outs and this will also lead to a higher cost for the insurer.

Halfords’ research revealed that 52 per cent felt high insurance costs were their main concern when taking to the roads whilst 56 per cent of motorists feel safer when driving with a dash cam. 

Natasha Chauhan, Halfords dash cam expert says: “Dash cams are no longer the preserve of TV shows like ‘Police, Camera, Action’. The rise of YouTube, combined with expensive insurance premiums, means they are taking the UK by storm. Halfords has seen a surge in sales as drivers reach for in-car technology to capture instances of careless driving, whilst also saving on their car insurance. Fitting a dash cam to your car can help reduce the cost of your insurance premium and offer reassurance when it comes to disputes over liability in the event of an accident. 

“Motorists are now able to enjoy peace of mind by recording every car journey.” 

To save motorists money, Halfords has announced a deal with Sure Thing!, which offers the largest-ever direct dash cam car insurance saving. Those who buy and install a Nextbase dash cam can benefit from a 20 per cent discount on their premiums when they get a new car insurance quote directly from Surething.co.uk. With Nextbase models starting at less than £50, this large discount means that installing a dash cam can often pay for itself.

With its multi award-winning range, the 412GW is the highest image quality dash cam ever produced by Nextbase. Capable of capturing footage in unprecedented QUAD 1440p HD, four times that of standard 720p HD, the 412GW delivers stunning image quality at 30 frames per second. Perfect for providing crystal clear footage as evidence in the event of an accident, the 412GW has recently received a Which? (December 2016) Best Buy Award and offers excellent value for money, retailing at just £129.

Once fitted and switched on, dash cams record on a constant loop and store footage to a memory card. Most use G-Force sensors to recognise when you come to a sudden stop, so that all-important clips aren’t lost in the event of an accident, and also feature an option to manually lock footage.

Halfords’ offers an in-store fitting service – WeFit – for all dash cams. For just £30, a member of staff will hardwire them directly to a car’s electronics system for a seamless integration: http://www.halfords.com/advice/technology/service/halfords-dash-cam-fitting-service

Natasha Chauhan from Halfords offers some tips and advice when it comes to choosing your dash cam:

  • Image clarity: While a dash cam offers the driver the peace of mind that footage could be used to resolve an insurance claim in the event of an accident, the clarity of footage captured varies greatly across models on the market. To be absolutely certain that your dash cam will provide you with suitably clear images, opt for a model that films at a minimum of 720p High Definition 
  • Ease of use: Nextbase dash cams are designed and built specifically for UK motorists, following constant feedback about how we can improve our products. With this in mind our customers place a high importance on the quality of our products, and in turn making them as simple as possible to set up and use. Nextbase’s newer models boast an innovative Click & Go Powered Magnetic Mount, which offers the ultimate in convenience and ease of installation 
  • Value for money: A number of dash cam models in the market boast a range of impressive features but it’s important to weigh up all these different features against the cost. As above, the image clarity is of utmost importance so if this is below adequate but the cost of the camera is high due to a range of unnecessary features, the camera will not be a sound investment

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