Brits putting off car repairs

Brits putting off car repairs

26 September 2019



Millions of motorists are putting off essential works, with 18% admitting to continue driving their cars, despite knowing they need repairs, because they can’t afford it. Of those who need repair work doing 13% have classed their issues as ‘very serious’, while 22% said it was somewhat serious.

20% of those polled admit to resorting to drastic DIY repairs on their vehicles because of a lack of funds. These surprising fixes include using temporary measures including gaffer tape, stockings, string and newspaper to keep their cars on the road.

According to Halfords Autocentres which carried out the survey, 38% of 25-34 year olds admit to ignoring essential repair work, but that figure falls to just 7% of the over 55’s.

23% revealed they have driven with faulty brakes because they can’t afford to get them repaired.  Driving with faulty suspension, faulty steering, damaged windscreens and dodgy exhausts also emerged as some of the most common faults that motorists will tolerate. 

 Of those that need repair work doing, 39% said they needed repairs to the bodywork, 25% required work on their exhaust, 23% on their braking system and 20% required repairs to their electrics.

 Many motorists are burying their head in the sand as the research reveals that on average, respondents have known that their car needed repair work for over 10 months.

According to quotes and estimates, motorists in the poll believe the repair work on their car will cost an average of £1,828.87.

 Bob Masters from Halfords Autocentres, who commissioned the detailed study of 2,000 motorists says “Our research reveals that the average cost of repair work on a car is over £1,800. There’s no doubt that  rising cost of living is squeezing household budgets, forcing people to make difficult choices on how they spend their money, but motorists who avoid repairing safety critical items such as brakes, steering and suspension could be putting themselves and others in danger.”

31% thought that potholes were responsible for most of the damage to their car, while 8% attributed their problems to speed bumps and 7% have cited accidents as being responsible.

As a result of the findings Halfords Autocentres is offering all motorists a free repairs check to help them stay safely on the roads. The comprehensive check is performed by Halfords Autocentres technicians and will help put their mind at rest. 

Halfords Autocentres also offers a number of payment options to spread the cost for customers  seeking repairs and more information is included here:

*Results from OnePoll survey of 2,000 motorists carried out between 15th-22nd August, 2019