Big Freeze Spells Windscreen Woe

Big Freeze Spells Windscreen Woe

02 October 2017

50% Use Kettle to Defrost Car Windscreen

With temperatures expected to plummet across the UK this weekend, Halfords is urging drivers to avoid “windscreen woe” when they’re out and about.

Recent research by the retailer, which polled 1,600 motorists about their winter motoring habits, found that many are risking their personal safety and causing costly damage to their vehicles by failing to take the correct measures to clear their car windscreens of frost and ice before setting off.

According to the Highway Code “windows and windscreens must be kept clean and free of obstructions to vision.” The survey found that 50% of motorists have used a kettle of hot water to defrost their car windscreen in the past, which is a risky move that could result in the screen cracking and needing replacing. And 35% of drivers have admitted to using a bank card to scrape ice from their windscreen, without realising this can scratch the glass.

The poll also found that 23% of UK drivers don’t check their vehicles before going on a long car trip. Ella Colley, Halfords winter motoring expert says: “Cold weather can play havoc with our cars. Our research shows that motorists are taking potentially dangerous short-cuts to keep their windscreens clear. Drivers should take the extra time to prepare their cars for winter conditions or visit Halfords where we can do it for free with our free winter checks.”

Halfords is offering motorists free nationwide winter checks in stores and Autocentres, which include a windscreen chip check and a free screen wash top up, checks on the head and tail light bulbs, battery, wiper blades and oil levels. The checks are available at over 700 sites across the UK – to find your nearest store visit or for your nearest Autocentre.

Halfords Winter Motoring tips for motorists:

  • Before setting out on a journey, use a windscreen scraper or de-icer to remove ice from your vehicle 
  • Carry a de-icer with you to clear your lock
  • Ensure all windows and mirrors are completely demisted and totally cleared of ice using a can of de-icer and a windscreen scraper
  • Halfords’ free nationwide winter checks are available now in Autocentres and shops and include checks on oil, checks and top up of screen wash, blades, bulbs, batteries, as well as a windscreen chip check service. Available now at over 700 Halfords shops and Halfords Autocentres, pop in today or book online at

* Research collected from National Road Safety survey and the Halfords Parent Panel carried out in August 2016 from a sample size of over 1,600 adults.


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