Halfords unveils tech trends taking Britain by storm

Halfords unveils tech trends taking Britain by storm

27 September 2016

YouGov study commissioned by retailer finds Dash Cams set to reign supreme as the nation is set to get more tech savvy

Halfords today announces the latest trends that are sweeping the nation from the driving seat to the saddle.

Smile, you’re on Dash Cam…

As drivers get smarter, 2017 will continue to see an increase in the use of Dash Cams as the retailer reports sales of the latest safety gadget are up 65% YOY, based on in store and online sales. More broadly, Dash Cams are currently used by just under 20% of drivers in the UK according to a YouGov study commissioned by Halfords. 

However, over half of these drivers (56%) feel safer having one at their disposal, so much so that almost a quarter (23%) claim to have now become reliant on them. This goes some way to explaining the soaring demand, aside from added peace of mind, perks such as insurance providers offering discounts for drivers using Dash Cams and sites like YouTube reporting millions of views of Dash Cam footage has all added to the success of the Dash Cam. 

Leading the way for Dash Cams, Halfords will launch the Nextbase 412 GW and 112 exclusively in September. The 412G comes with features such as in-built wi-fi, a 140° viewing angle, a powerful magnetic mount and virtually wire-free, which means capturing maximum footage in the most efficient and convenient way.

Make your car the ultimate mobile device

Meanwhile the demand for linking up phones to cars is also on the rise, but not purely for convenience. Recently the Government announced plans to introduce even tougher penalties for those caught texting and driving. The Department of Transport will be doubling the amount of points added to a licence for the dangerous driving offence, and raising the fine to £200. Get caught texting and driving more than once, and you'll face a £1,000 fine, and a ban of at least six months. 

Drivers can stay within the law with the latest connectivity options for smartphones, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as Bluetooth kits such as the Pure 600, using their devices whilst on the go, but in a much safer and smarter way. 

TomTom also recently unveiled its updated GO Sat Nav range which includes some innovative new features. Thanks to Wi-Fi, all updates are automatic so no more wires or computers are needed.

The rise of the e-commute

But it’s not all about in-car tech. When it comes to cycling trends, Halfords has seen considerable growth in electric bike sales, as the nation warms to these labour-saving machines. The retailer found that nearly 40% of the nation considers e-bikes to be an effective means of travel. Halfords continues to extend its e-bike ranges in response to growing demand; most recently, the Pendleton range (exclusive to Halfords) and its most popular women’s bike range, has gone electric. 

Victoria Pendleton will launch a new e-bike for the first time in November, which will also qualify for the cycle-to-work scheme. This new bike is just one example of Halfords’ drive to not only innovate through these new cycles, which have the potential to provide a new transport solution to lengthy commutes, but to also diversify cycling by making it both more accessible and affordable via channels such as Cycle to Work.

Emma Fox, Commercial Director said: “It’s a really exciting time for all things technology in motoring. With most of us grappling with daily busy lives, anything that makes things easier and saves us time can make all the difference. Being connected on the go means you can make more time for the things that matter most, safely. As both demand and expectations increase, innovations like Dash Cams will help us feel more in control and better mobile connectivity means we can do more on the go.

“When it comes to cycling, we’ve seen innovations in alternative commuting go from strength to strength and predict e-bikes to be the next big thing, not only for commuters but also for a whole range of cyclists, new and seasoned.”

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