Halfords Autocentres Pilots 'Health MOTs' with Public Health England

Halfords Autocentres Pilots 'Health MOTs' with Public Health England

10 March 2017

National garage network backs PHE campaign to live a healthier lifestyle by offering customers free ‘Health MOTs’ alongside vehicle MOTs

Working in partnership with Public Health England, Halfords Autocentres is offering customers the chance to undergo a free ‘Health MOT’ including blood pressure checks at the same time as putting their car through an MOT test, as part of a new pilot initiative.

The pilot is aimed at supporting Public Health England’s national ‘One You’ campaign, which encourages people to quit smoking, lose weight and be more active, and comes as it is revealed that lifestyle choices related to alcohol, smoking and being overweight cost the NHS over £11bn each year[1]. Currently 40% of all the deaths in England are related to people’s behaviour, factors such as eating too much unhealthy food, drinking more alcohol than is recommended and not being active enough[2].

The pilot at Halfords Autocentre means anyone can pop in to get their own ‘Health MOT’. This includes a free blood pressure check with Omron Healthcare and an on-the-spot health quiz - the How Are You quiz which helps people access a range of tools to be healthier. It is hoped that the move will put a spotlight on the importance of regular check-ups and help encourage people to think more about their own health.

Jamie Waterall, National Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Public Health England says: “We are working with Halfords Autocentres to encourage more people to be aware of their heart health. There are about 5.5 million people with undiagnosed high blood pressure in England, so by offering testing in convenient settings, we can to help find these people and help them avoid a potential heart attack or stroke.”

Stefan Waharftig, Commercial Director at Halfords Autocentres says: “We are proud to support Public Health England by turning our Autocentre into a mini health check station, and raising awareness about the importance of getting regular health checks. Many of us lead busy lives but we still manage to make sure our car’s MOT is done on time, but we don’t necessarily pause to treat our health in the same way.  We’re much more likely to get our tyre pressure checked over having own blood pressure checked. That’s why we’re hoping that by bringing free Health MOTs to our customers, we can help people to consider their own health at the same time as their car’s health.”

Halfords Autocentres is supporting One You, Public Health England’s campaign that provides free and personalised support to help you make small changes to improve your health. You can take the ‘One You’ free online health quiz at www.nhs.uk/oneyou/hay.

[1] and [2] Note that all statistical information has been provided by Public Health England

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