She's Electric

She's Electric

14 December 2016

Victoria Pendleton launches her first e-bike

Victoria Pendleton bike range has just gone electric, with the launch of the £750 Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike exclusively at Halfords.

Victoria Pendleton says: “I first tried riding an e-bike in California and found them so much fun that I wanted to design one for myself. They’re great for giving you an extra boost when cycling up hills or a bit more zip for when you’ve run out of breath.

“The great thing is that you still get the burn and benefit from cycling but now with an added boost. And there’s no need to get sweaty or change your clothes, so it’s perfect for an everyday commute.”

Boasting a range of 40 miles, it means you can travel from Hyde Park to Reading on just one charge. The pedal assisted bike comes with three settings and seven gears and has more than enough oomph to take the pain out of tackling hills and giving you an extra boost when pulling away from the traffic lights.

Powered by a lithium ion battery hidden discreetly in the luggage rack and it takes just five hours to charge. With a maximum speed of 15.5mph it will help transform the daily commute, widening the audience for e-bikes to a younger, regular commuter.

Carla Treece, Halfords’ electric bike expert says: “We’ve seen the innovations in alternative commuting go from strength to strength and predicted that e-bikes would be the next big thing for commuters. Now we’re beginning to see a tipping point in interest from customers. It was important for this bike to have all the qualities you’d expect from the Pendleton range and to be affordable so that everyone can access all the benefits of an e-commute.”

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