Rise of the Silver Cyclist

Rise of the Silver Cyclist

11 September 2015

Halfords identifies new group of cyclists inspired by the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Corbyn

It’s time for MAMIL’s to move aside as Halfords, the UK’s leading cyclist retailer, has identified a new tribe of cyclists getting on their bikes.

Silver Cyclists are 55+ year old women and men who cycle for pleasure and for the purposes of staying fit and healthy, having been inspired to get on their bikes by the likes of fashion dame Vivienne Westwood, potential Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and active actress Goldie Hawn.

In a recent YouGov survey by the retailer, 49% of 55+ year olds surveyed said that they cycled to stay physically active, while 47% cycle for the sheer enjoyment.

Clive West, Cycles Director at Halfords says: “Seniors with style like Vivienne Westwood and political activists like Jeremy Corbyn show that the cycling bug isn’t confined to any one age group. Old and young there’s always the opportunity to rediscover the joy of taking to two wheels.”

The findings also revealed that 32% of 55+ year olds surveyed called for dedicated cycling lanes on every road, while 15% called for more places to lock and park their bikes.

Halfords is already part of the #ChooseCycling network of businesses which aims to promote cycling as an everyday transport option and calls upon the Government to deliver commitments to funding towards cycling.

Clive West continues: “While older cyclists are well catered for in countries like Holland, the needs of older and less able cyclists in the UK need to be addressed. Further investments in infrastructure and promotion of safe riding practices like the #ChooseCycling initiative will help.”

To help those who may want to enjoy the freedom of two wheels but may not ordinarily be so able to, Halfords has also expanded its range of electric bikes with the launch of the Carrera Crossfire-E, the first electric bike in the UK that has a range of 80 miles – meaning it can travel from London to Southampton on just one charge.


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