Pedal off the Pimm's

Pedal off the Pimm's

09 July 2015

Pedal off the Pimm's

Halfords reveals how to pedal away summer treats

WHETHER you cycle for fun, or for your commute to work, there are hidden benefits to getting on your bike. Halfords reveals how fast and far you need to go on two wheels to cancel out the summer BBQ.

The nation’s love of getting out and about on their bikes is great news for those wanting to burn off those extra summer treats. Just 30 minutes of recreational cycling around town at 5mph is all that’s needed to cancel out that delicious glass of Pimm’s, while a 45 minute gentle ride around the local park at the same speed will burn off a refreshing pint of beer. You’ll enjoy that summer BBQ even more when you realise that setting out on your bike for 30 minutes of moderate cycling at 10mph will burn off the equivalent of a hot dog or two large scoops of ice-cream.

For those who enjoy a more vigorous ride, they can quickly kiss goodbye to any extra calories consumed al-fresco. Half an hour cycling at 15mph will burn off that hot dog and pint of beer and an hour’s bike ride at the same speed will cancel out the fish and chips you enjoyed at the beach.
For cyclists who love to get serious on their bikes, they’ll be pleased to hear their hard work means they don’t have to worry about over indulging at the family summer party. Cycling in the range of 16 to 19 mph over a 20 mile bike race will kiss goodbye to several burgers and glasses of wine.

Those who commute by bike will be happy to hear that riding to and from work Monday to Friday can easily cancel out their working week’s breakfast. Five hours of cycling at 10mph, covering 50 miles of commuting back and forth to work, will burn off five croissants and five lattes.
Natasha Chauhan, bike expert at Halfords, said: “With regular pedalling, there’s really no need to worry about those extra calories consumed at the summer BBQ. And what better way to get fit and keep in shape than getting out and about on two wheels?

“It’s all about credit debit and this means we can get out and enjoy great summer food and drink and at the same time enjoy burning it off on our bikes. And with 64 per cent saying exercise in the fresh air is the reason they love their bikes, and 65 per cent citing health and fitness as the key motivation for cycling more than they used to, we predict more people will cycling off their summer treats.”


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