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Electric bikes are set to go mainstream, as they increase in popularity in the UK. This marks a change from last year when a survey by Halfords found that 38 per cent of people didn’t realise that electric bikes provide advantages such as an increased range and low emissions, while a surprising 34 per cent thought that using electric bikes was a form of cheating, despite needing to pedal to power it.

To meet this rising demand, Halfords is launching its largest ever range in shops from March 20th. The retailer forecasts that sales in the UK will grow significantly this year as many more Brits discover the benefits of an electric ride.

Carla Treece Halfords’ electric bike expert says: “This year we’re seeing more and more Brits discover the joys of electric biking. They’re just like normal bikes, but with a boost when you need it most. You’ll be able to ride further, hills will feel flatter and you’ll arrive fresher. They’re a great way to get around – for everyone.”

“Our research shows that there is confusion about electric bikes, but there’s no shortage of reasons to consider using one. Using one is the same as regular cycling and could be classed as moderate exercise. Each bike comes with a variety of modes so you can set exactly how they assist you, while the low emissions have to be a big win for many.”

Halfords’ biggest ever range includes one mountain bike, two general-purpose hybrids and a foldable bike for easy transporting. Each boasts a range of 40 miles or more and is powered by a lithium ion battery that takes up to six hours to charge. With a maximum speed of 15.5mph it will help transform the average ride, widening the audience for e-bikes to a younger, regular cyclist. Prices start at £650 and go up to £1,100.

Many of the bikes in the range have been specifically priced to qualify for the Cycle to Work scheme - which sees customers save up to 42% on the cost of bikes – and depending on their tax and NIC rate, this could reduce the cost of the bike even further.

*YouGov research for Halfords, March 2016, based on a sample size of 4,615 adults.

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