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This year, we launched a brand new Electric Hub on our website designed by in-house experts to educate customers and provide support and advice for those looking to make the switch to electric.

Covering EVs, E-bikes and E-scooters, consumers can navigate around the site educating themselves on topics such as the advantages of electric mobility, maintenance tips, and the environmental benefits, as well as getting answers to common misconceptions about electric mobility such as charging or reliability.

We have also created bespoke calculators to show customers the associated costs of switching to electric; for instance, comparing the cost of an electric vehicle vs. a traditional combustion engine, over the life of the car, dispelling the myth that electric is always more expensive. We also provide customers with advice and help on purchasing electric bikes and scooters, such as through our Cycle2Work scheme or with finance options to spread the cost of their purchase.

We are uniquely positioned in the UK to help support customers on their electric journey and we are continually investing in our colleagues and capabilities to drive awareness of the benefits of electric mobility and to make electric travel accessible to everyone.