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Halfords has worked with the Re-Cycle charity since 2013 – an amazing charity which repurposes bikes by sending them to those in desperate need of basic transport in African countries, training mechanics in-country to recondition the bikes and ultimately giving the bike a second life.

For the people in these communities, a reliable bike is essential for their livelihoods and it is extremely important to us that we can support them as much as we can.

We encourage our customers to donate their old bikes at our stores, which are then transported to our central distribution centre before being shipped to the main Re-Cycle hub. When the bikes are received at Re-Cycle, they are assessed for quality and suitability to send to Africa. They are then sent to Re-Cycle’s Africa Partners and ‘prepped’ by an amazing team of volunteers, before being taken to communities in desperate need. Re-Cycle has a zero-waste policy and any parts or components that cannot be repurposed or reused are recycled. This is very much aligned with our own ambitions to reduce products and packaging ending up in landfill and is a great example of how a circular economy can help benefit the planet in various ways.

Since we began our partnership, we have donated more than 60,000 bikes, and despite COVID-19 meaning the partnership had to be put on hold until the start of 2021, we still managed to send 1,780 bikes to Re-Cycle between April 2020 and April 2021.