Adult Bike Stabilisers

Adult Bike Stabilisers

18 September 2016

Halfords launches adult bike stabilisers as it reveals that one-in-ten adults can’t cycle

Halfords, the UK’s largest bikes retailer, today launches its first ever set of adult bike stabilisers – the Aide Adult Stabilisers - aimed at those who struggle with bike balance or suffer from disabilities. The £99 attachment supports up to 100kg in weight and can be fitted to almost any single or multi-speed adult bike (20-26 inch bike).

The launch comes as recent YouGov research commissioned by Halfords reveals that one-in-ten adults don’t know how to cycle, whilst a surprising 42 per cent of adults never cycle – highlighting that something needs to be done to encourage greater cycling confidence in the adult population.

Leslie Davies Halfords bike stabiliser expert says: “They say you’ll never forgot how to ride a bike which is why we’ve introduced these to reach the ten per cent of adults who can’t cycle and encourage those who fear falling over. The thrill and memories associated with riding a bike should be open to everyone and these will help even the most fearful develop a sense of balance.”

The Aide Adult Stabilizers can be mounted temporarily on almost any bicycle and can be removed once an adult has begun to develop a safe sense of balance. During the learning phase they provide safety by offering additional protection from falling over.

The stabilisers are also helpful for those who are disabled or suffer from certain physical conditions.  Physical therapy patients, cancer patients, stroke victims and people working through their fear of falling can enjoy a safe bicycling experience with the wheels. Adults with a wide range of physical conditions, from cerebral palsy to severe weight issues, can also benefit from using them.

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