Halfords Online

Online Sites

Offering 30,000 product lines our website holds our most comprehensive range, directs many customers into stores for service delivery and captures information used across the business.

The Halfords multichannel strategy has grown significantly year-on-year and combined with the Halfords store network offers a compelling array of services which meet the changing buyer behaviour as online becomes further embedded in everyday life.

Competition online stems from either the 'pure play' internet only companies or organisations which also have a 'bricks and mortar' store network. Each of the competitor types has strengths and weaknesses to which Halfords has developed strong competitive responses to. As a result the multichannel offer continues to increase visitor numbers and generates many store visits with over 90% of online sales collected.

To take advantage of the macro-economic trend to buy online and increasingly through mobile devices, Halfords has continued to strengthen the multichannel teams and further integrate techniques and knowledge with the core retail business. During the year additional members joined as specialists in retail trading, digital marketing, search analysis and analytics which has served to inform a range of new buying and trading strategies. Halfords.com was relaunched in late 2013. 

Online product selection and targeting has also been refined, whilst the product range is in total around three times larger than our superstores.

Our 'Click & Collect' offer is effective in attracting customers into store, allowing us to improve attachment rates through upgrades and accessorisation. In addition, we provide our build and fit services to ensure safe and appropriate product usage.

Our delivery service offers the ability for customers to order up to 6pm and collect from store two days later for free, even when it is not usually a stock item at that store.