Helping to keep families safer on their journeys and encouraging an active lifestyle

For some families, buying a bike can be too much of a stretch when they’ve got other, more immediate household bills to pay. To help address this, schools across the country are benefiting from a scheme to help encourage more children, who may not necessarily have access to bikes, to cycle.

In a virtuous cycle the bikes are donated by members of the public, they are then re-conditioned at one of our cycle workshops in Onley and Drake Hall prisons, which train prisoners to be professional cycle mechanics, before being donated along with new helmets to disadvantaged schools. So far, over 400 bikes have been donated.

Children On Bicycles With Helmets

School kids ‘wheeling for joy’ with free bikes from Halfords

Schools in disadvantaged areas can apply for bike donations here – application form.

Gear Up

We know that parents recognise the great benefits that are derived from cycling, but we are also aware that they can be concerned about it because they want to ensure it is as safe as possible and that both they, and their children, are able to fix things should any problems occur.

To improve their confidence in these areas we have organised workshops where our colleagues can share their knowledge and expertise and so give customers the confidence to get out on their bikes. The majority of workshops focus on primary school children, an age when they are often starting to cycle without adults and are also doing the ‘Bikeability’ programme.

School bike workshops

Our colleagues also went out to primary schools to teach bike maintenance and safety to pupils in their final year. Complementing the Government scheme known as ‘Bikeability’, which teaches children how to ride a bike safely, our ‘Gear-Up’ workshops teach basic bike maintenance and so help children to cycle more safely by recognising, and so being able to avoid, safety hazards. These are important skills for pupils who are preparing to make the transition to secondary school. Over 5,100 pupils benefited from the programme in FY17.

Scouts Fixing Puncture
Scouts Fixing Bicycle

Cub bike workshops

We have also teamed up with the Scouts Association to help Cubs achieve their Cyclist Activity badge when they attend a more in-depth workshop at our stores. So far, over 17,000 cubs have attended a workshop towards their badge. Cub Leaders can access more information on the workshops here.