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It is intended that the Policy will apply until the 2020 AGM, unless the Company seeks shareholder approval for a revised Policy which comes into force before this date.

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Remuneration Committee Report

A letter from the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee outlining the key changes to the Remuneration Policy from the FY17 Annual Report and the annual statement from the FY18 Annual Report summarising the key messages on pay for FY18 and plans for FY19.

PDF - 2017 Online - 2017

PDF - 2018 Online - 2018

Remuneration Policy Report

Full details of the Directors’ Remuneration Policy for all Directors of Halfords approved by shareholders at the AGM on 26 July 2017.

PDF Online

Annual Remuneration Report

Details of how the Company’s Directors were paid during FY18 and how our policy will be implemented in FY19.

PDF Online

Additional FY18 Annual Bonus Disclosure

Further disclosure on the FY18 Annual bonus for Executive Directors can be found here.