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Our improvement in data functionality has increased our ability to better manage our packaging portfolio in the future.

We have increased data accuracy giving us better confidence in understanding our current packaging usage, which is around 12,700 tonnes of packaging each year; 96.6% of that is split between cardboard, wood and plastics. Of our overall packaging use, 61% is in retail units that go out to customers, and we are using this data to target our coverage of widely-recycled packaging, with clear labelling to support customers in placing waste in the correct bin.

One of the topical areas within the industry is plastic and we know that plastic is visible in a large proportion of the products we sell. We are committed to report in even further granularity to specifically target plastics so that we can increase our overall widely-recycled packaging rate from 71% across all materials towards as close as we can to the 100% figure.

We are in an exciting age of innovation within the plastics industry and want to take a measured approach towards recyclable content, whilst also prioritising reduction and refill approaches.