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Product, Packaging and Waste Management

Minimise our environmental impact and increase our transparency whilst continuing to pursue sustainability opportunities within our product portfolio.

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  • Increase repair services across products and mitigate environmental impact of returns.
  • Increase the recyclability of retail packaging and reduce transit packaging.
  • Extend waste management to accommodate new streams including rubber-based products and flexible plastics.

Priorities for the next 12 months:

  • Reduce commercial and industrial packaging with increased transparency.
  • Increase known recyclability of retail packaging, including the introduction of on-pack recycling labelling to drive customer awareness of recycling options.
  • Establish the UK’s industry leading tyre, tubes and car mat recycling processes.
  • Extend repair capabilities of faulty returns to E-bikes and E-scooters.
  • Develop a UK-wide capacity to safely manage end-of-life E-mobility batteries to combat the growing waste stream.
  • Trial reselling of reconditioned products for discounted prices, specifically piloting selling second-hand bikes to explore the opportunity within this market.