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Approved by the Board of Directors of Halfords on 22 March 2018

The Halfords Board recognises that people are its most important asset and that managing Health and Safety is an integral part of our business.

To meet our commitment to protecting our colleagues, visitors and customers we:

  • Identify hazards from our working practices and conduct focused risk assessments
  • Devise proportionate measures to control identified risks
  • Provide information, instruction, supervision, training and resources to colleagues to enable them to understand the risks from their work and appropriate means to protect themselves and others
  • Provide a source of competent health and safety advice for all colleagues
  • Design safe access, egress, use and maintenance into new buildings, work equipment, fixtures & fittings
  • Maintain buildings, work equipment, fixtures and fittings to control risk from disrepair
  • Work with contractors and neighbours to achieve synergies between our safety practices and policies
  • Integrate sound health and safety management principles into business decisions.

To meet our commitment to continual improvement in health and safety we:

  • Monitor progress on health and safety standards, performance indicators and objectives
  • Investigate accidents to identify how to reduce the chance of reoccurrence
  • Actively review significant risk areas to identify suitable opportunities for improvement
  • Encourage and evaluate feedback from all parties on our safety management
  • Liaise assertively and honestly with enforcement officers
  • Reviewing key Health and safety issues, trends and progress at Board level at least quarterly.

To live our philosophy of “each accountable all responsible” for health & safety we:

  • Report health and safety performance indicators and progress to the Board at least quarterly
  • Recognise that each member of the Executive has direct responsibility for the area under his or her control
  • Nominate the People Director as the person who champions health and safety at Board level
  • Confirm that all levels of line management are responsible for day-to-day management of health and safety
  • Confirm that every colleague whilst at work is responsible to take reasonable care and co-operate with the company in applying its safety procedures.

We detail the organisational arrangements for delivering this policy in the following documents:

  • Induction and refresher safety training
  • Risk Assessment Books
  • Audit and Inspections documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedures and other H&S documentation
  • Health and Safety updates

If you have any concerns relating to the implementation of our policy statement, please contact the Whistle-blowing Hotline: 01527 513 513 or email:

Graham Stapleton
Chief Executive Officer