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Halfords is proud to support charities and communities across the UK. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that much of our focus was centred on supporting the UK’s key front-line workers, to help keep them moving so they can focus on keeping the country safe in a national emergency.

Supporting our key workers

Throughout the pandemic, we carried out over half a million services and repair jobs on cars and bikes each month, playing an essential role in keeping the UK moving.

We were privileged to offer free checks and discounts to 480,000 key workers, including NHS staff, teachers and Armed Forces, to keep their vehicles safe and roadworthy. Halfords Autocentres and McConechy’s garages provided servicing, repair and tyre services for ambulances, police cars and border control vehicles, contracting with 49 emergency service agencies across the UK.

We were particularly proud to donate E-scooters to the NHS Nightingale hospital in Birmingham to help construction workers complete the fit-out, and we donated numerous bikes to individual doctors and nurses whose bicycles had been stolen or vandalised.

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