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Since 2013 our colleagues have raised over £400,000 for our charity partners and we are proud to be working with the following right now.

On a regular basis we ask colleagues across the business to vote for a fundraising charity partner to give support to. 

Charity and Sponsorship Requests

In 2013, we began a long-term partnership with Re~Cycle, a UK charity that sends unwanted bikes to Africa.

In some areas of Africa, a bike can be the only means of transport and owning a bike enables people to travel to work, school and carry goods and passengers, whilst small scale farmers and traders can reach customers further afield.

The bikes can similarly be an invaluable resource for travelling health workers and provide access to training and employment, helping to improve lives in a sustainable way. However, bikes can be too expensive for the majority and additionally the skills to maintain them might not exist, whereas millions of unused bikes go to waste in sheds and garages in the UK. So far we have collected over 30,000 unwanted bikes from kind-hearted members of the public following trade-in events.

You can read more about Re~Cycle here

Find out which Halfords stores accept bikes here


British Cycling’s Breeze

We understand the fear many adults have of getting back on a bike after years out of the saddle so, to help, we partnered with British Cycling’s Breeze network.

In addition to promoting the women’s network to customers on our website and through emails, in FY17 we ran bike maintenance workshops in partnership with Breeze, with over 1,600 women attending. The partnership has also provided the opportunity for colleagues to become Breeze champions.

You can read more here

Cycling UK: The Cyclists’ Champion

Cycling UK has championed the cause of cycling for well over a century. They promote all forms of cycling, protect the interests of existing and would-be cyclists, and inspire people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover the joys of cycling.

You can read more here

The Scouts Association

Through our partnership with the Scouts Association, in FY17 we helped over 3,300 Cubs achieve their Cyclist Activity Badge. In addition to running an in-store workshop, a resource pack also supports Cub Leaders, guiding them through requirements for Cubs to achieve their cycle badge.

You can read more here