Managing our impact on the environment in a responsible and ethical manner

We know that our work has an impact on the environment and that we have a duty to manage that impact in a responsible and ethical manner. We do this through identifying all significant environmental impacts and putting processes into place to prevent, reduce and mitigate them. To meet our commitment of protecting the environment, we aim to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation;
  • Operate our business in a way that protects the environment;
  • Promote environmental awareness to colleagues and enlist their support in improving the Company’s performance with training and instruction;
  • Minimise waste by making sure processes are as efficient as possible;
  • Look to reduce energy and water usage;
  • Promote recycling internally and with our suppliers and customers;
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our logistics activities; and
  • Continually develop our environmental management system.

Additionally, we already ensure that our suppliers give preference to the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing and packaging of our goods and to help achieve this we have a clause in our standard terms of business with the suppliers who provide the goods that are sold in our stores which requires them to: i) use reasonable endeavours to minimise the packaging use; and ii) conduct an annual review of their packaging to make sure they are using recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible.


Retail waste diverted from landfill

(2017: 94%)


Autocentres waste diverted from landfill

(2017: 91%)


Batteries recycled by Retail and Autocentres

(2017: 274,000)

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2016
Retail inc Cycle Republic Directly Purchased Electricity 28,507.45 18,448.01 19,638.34
Autocentres Directly Purchased Electricity 4,648.26 3,379.41 2,790.05
Tredz and Wheelies Directly Purchased Electricity N/A N/A 88.27
Halfords Group Directly Purchased Electricity N/A N/A 22,516.66
Retail inc Cycle Republic Combustion of Gas 6,488.28 7,035.65 6,187.43
Autocentres Combustion of Gas 3,329.25 3,339.91 3,483.44
Tredz and Wheelies Combustion of Gas N/A N/A 17.84
Halfords Group Combustion of Gas N/A N/A 9,688.71
Cars on Company Business 889.22 911.45 1,080.00
TOTAL 43,862.46 33,114.43 33,285.37
Company’s Chosen Intensity Measurement: tCO2 E per £1m Group Revenue 42.90 33.10 29.32