Halfords Autocentres is the largest car service network in the UK with currently around 1% market share of the estimated £9bn car aftercare market. The addition of full service capability means the Halfords customer offer runs from the DIY with retail parts sales, through 'Do It For Me' with the in-store wefit service to the complete vehicle-maintenance package.

The Car Maintenance market has by virtue of its needs driven nature some insulation from economic cycles although can be exposed to owners choosing to extend service cycles. The Halfords offer in car servicing has developed a series of strategies to optimise capture of new business both by harnessing the Halfords brand as well as operational improvements.

The service market consists of three broad segments. At one extreme are the franchised dealers: slick, credible and trusted but generally costly. At the other extreme are the small private garages and mechanics, a generally less-polished experience and frequently without the security of a large organisation’s resources, but the costs are lower. In the middle ground Halfords Autocentres offer the best of both, a cost structure which is competitive but a service which also delivers high standards and does not compromise manufacturers warranties’, the backing of a large group and the latest technology and training.

This balance of franchise quality service and competitive price is attractive to both retail customers and fleet operators alike and we deal very effectively with a number of very large fleets.

With a growing and ageing car parc and cars lasting longer than ever, the need for car service is assured in the medium to long-term. We are experienced at consolidating the requirements in fragmented markets and with a long heritage of dealing with retail customers, we are uniquely aligned to take advantage.