Growth and leverage of a trusted High Street brand for over 120 years.

The Halfords brand is distinct and unique . . . there is nowhere quite like Halfords. In many categories Halfords products are consistently the UK’s No.1 choice, testament to the trust the brand has earned through the long-term delivery of good value.

The Halfords brand embodies our “life on the move” product and service range principles, it is the central aspect of our Group strategy of “single face to the customer” and its marketing value has leveraged our strategic aim to grow both the Retail and Autocentres multichannel business.

Through the use of TV, radio, direct mail and online campaigns the brand has engaged old and new target audiences, whilst reinforcing our value, quality and service advantage.

The c.300 Halfords-branded Autocentres now add significant national brand visibility whilst extending the store based services to a whole new level of trusted support for customers.

Retail product positioning has always been a complex operation of understanding the target audience needs and sensitivities. Halfords continues to build techniques for the capture of market information from store and online channels and to use this in the design of new ranges.

Whilst half of the story is to create products to meet demand, the other half is to ensure there is shareholder value to be had from the margins achieved. Own brands can frequently be used to meet price points in the market whilst allowing our skilled sourcing teams to buy competitively.

Exclusive and own brands include the following:

Halfords Brands

Third-party brands include the following:

Third-party brands